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Trademark Registration: Tandoor Morni by American Overseas

About American Overseas

At American Overseas, we pride ourselves on being a stalwart presence in the realm of Restaurant Equipment Supply. With a legacy spanning over 31 years, our journey has been defined by unwavering commitment, unparalleled quality, and steadfast dedication to our customers.

Tandoor Morni: A Legacy of Excellence

Under the umbrella of American Overseas, Tandoor Morni stands as a beacon of excellence in the industry. As the registered trademark of American Overseas, Tandoor Morni symbolizes innovation, reliability, and top-notch service. With a network comprising 10+ Offices and over 50 registered distributors, Tandoor Morni continues to redefine standards in restaurant equipment supply.

Morni Properties: Shaping Real Estate Landscapes

In addition to our prowess in restaurant equipment supply, American Overseas extends its expertise to the realm of real estate through Morni Properties. As a distinguished player in Real Estate Owned and Management, Morni Properties embodies integrity, professionalism, and a deep-seated commitment to client satisfaction.

Morni Construction: Building Dreams

License #CGC1526738

Further enriching our portfolio, Morni Construction spearheads transformative projects in Commercial & Residential Real Estate Development and Investment. With a keen eye for detail, innovation, and sustainability, Morni Construction is dedicated to crafting spaces that inspire and endure.

Our Commitment

At American Overseas, our ethos revolves around customer-centricity, integrity, and excellence in all endeavors. With a rich tapestry of experience, an extensive network, and a forward-thinking approach, we continue to set new benchmarks of success in every facet of our operations.

Join us in our journey as we strive to exceed expectations, innovate relentlessly, and shape industries for generations to come.

American Overseas: Offices and Warehouses in Canada and USA
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