Golden Tandoors

Explore the world’s largest range of certified authentic clay tandoor ovens with Golden Tandoors. Specializing in Gas, Charcoal, and Electric Tandoori, our collection, branded as Tandoor Morni, boasts ETL, NSF, CSA, SASO, and ANSI-4 certifications. Buy Golden Tandoors for sale and experience culinary excellence at its finest!

The Golden Gas Tandoor isn’t just a kitchen marvel; it’s a versatile culinary powerhouse crafted to elevate gastronomic experiences. Certified with NSF/ANSI-4/ETL/CSA standards and standing impressively at 37 inches with a generous 17-inch mouth, it reigns as the largest certified Gas Tandoor across the USA. Its captivating golden brass facade doesn’t just adorn your cooking space; it transforms it into a visual masterpiece. Alongside its grandeur, this exceptional Tandoor comes complete with essential accessories, including clay balls, a precise thermocouple, sturdy metal plate, authentic tandoori skewers, specialized naan rods, versatile BBQ tandoori skewers, a comprehensive repair kit, and a dependable gas valve accompanied by a gas hose.

This Golden Tandoor isn’t confined to kitchens; its prowess extends to food exhibitions, festivals, catering events, marine settings like cruise ships, vibrant BBQ gatherings, and professional restaurant kitchens. Its adaptability in various settings underscores its reliability, making it an indispensable asset for culinary enthusiasts and professionals seeking excellence in every dish they create. Experience its versatility across diverse culinary landscapes, ensuring that every meal becomes an unforgettable celebration of flavor and authenticity.

Unbeatable prices | No Middlemen | Straight from Morni Tandoor Manufacturer

The Golden Tandoor from Morni sounds like a remarkable addition to any restaurant or home kitchen! Its pre-assembled nature and exceptional heat retention capabilities definitely make it a standout choice for those seeking convenience without compromising on quality. The portability factor with wheels is a nice touch, offering flexibility in placement or usage.

Morni Tandoor’s emphasis on manufacturing and assembling in the USA seems like a testament to their commitment to quality control and adherence to safety standards. By eliminating middlemen and focusing on using high-quality gas parts, they’ve likely ensured a reliable and top-notch product.

If you’re considering buying a golden tandoor, buying directly from the manufacturer offers several advantages, including the assurance of authenticity, better quality control, and adherence to safety standards. It sounds like an enticing option for anyone passionate about authentic cooking experiences.

Where and how can one purchase Golden Tandoors from Morni Tandoor?

You’re invited to visit our stores in Washington, DC, Boulder, Colorado, Edison, New Jersey, Tampa, Florida, Algona,  Chicago, Illinois, and Mississauga, Ontario. Give us a call, and we can organize a live meeting, allowing you to view our exquisite Golden Tandoors.

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