Warranty and Claims

  • Clay Pot Warranty: Tandoor Morni extends no warranty to the clay pot component housed within the tandoor. The inspection of the clay pot’s condition is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Any damage discovered within the clay pot must be promptly reported in the presence of the delivery driver, who will acknowledge and document the damage accordingly.
  • Procedure for Gas Part or Appliance Issues: Should any issues arise with the gas parts or other components of the appliance, the buyer is required to notify Tandoor Morni by email at info@tandoormorni.com, detailing the problem experienced.
  • Response Time: Tandoor Morni commits to responding to emails within 7 business days of receipt.
  • Warranty Limitation: No warranty is provided for gas parts beyond a period of 3 months from the date of purchase.
  • Replacement of Defective Gas Parts: If Tandoor Morni acknowledges an issue with the gas parts, replacement parts will be provided free of charge. However, the installation of the new gas part and removal of the defective one is the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Cost Limitation for Handymen/Technicians: Should Tandoor Morni agree to cover the expenses for handymen or technicians, there is a maximum cap of U$200 for such charges.
  • Liability Exclusion: Tandoor Morni, a brand product of American Overseas Inc., absolves itself of any liability for damages resulting from the use of the appliance.
  • Recommendation for Buyers: Prospective buyers are advised to meticulously review the technical certification specifications sheet prior to purchasing the tandoor.
  • Compliance with Local Regulations: Purchases should align with the legal requirements and regulations mandated by the buyer’s respective city or jurisdiction.
  • Non-Entertainment of Returns: Tandoor Morni explicitly states that it does not entertain returns based on incorrect size orders made by the buyer. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the suitability of the product dimensions for their intended use, as outlined under relevant consumer protection laws.
  • Buyer’s Responsibility for Door Size Checking: According to legal statutes concerning product purchases, Tandoor Morni places the onus on the buyer to verify their door size compatibility before placing an order. Failure to do so may result in an ineligible return request.
  • Tandoor Morni clarifies that the purchase of the tandoor does not include a gas hose. It is strongly advised for buyers to purchase a flexible gas hose separately along with the tandoor, for which an additional cost will be incurred.

By making a purchase from Tandoor Morni, the buyer acknowledges and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein.

For legal purposes and any claims, Tandoor Morni’s obligations are limited solely to Hillsborough County, Tampa, Florida.

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