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San Francisco, with over 800,000 residents and nearly 17 million annual visitors, offers iconic attractions like Alcatraz and Golden Gate Park. As the premier San Francisco restaurant supply store, provides all the tools and equipment for your restaurant, coffee shop, or hotel needs. For shipping details, visit our website.
The restaurant scene in San Francisco is flourishing, witnessing a surge in new food-related businesses across the city. However, despite the industry’s growth, salaries have failed to keep up with inflation. In fact, food service workers have seen their wages decrease by 3.5% since 2014. This decline can be attributed to the heightened pressure on restaurant owners to maintain low prices while still providing employees with a livable wage.

In search of a restaurant supply store in San Francisco? Look no further than Tandoor Morni, conveniently located nearby.

  • Our store offers a comprehensive range of cooking equipment, including:
    • Gas fryers
    • Commercial gas ranges
    • Griddles
    • Charbroilers
  • Additionally, we provide essential restaurant equipment such as:
Looking for affordable commercial kitchen equipment? Tandoor Morni Supply offers a comprehensive range of professional-grade items to fulfill all your restaurant’s needs. From commercial ranges, charbroilers, and deep fryers to sous vide machines, cheese melters, and chef bases, we provide top brands at competitive prices. With options from Adcraft, Star, Vulcan, Vollrath, and more, you can start shopping and saving today! Not sure where to begin? Contact us at (727) 288-1582 to purchase tandoor ovens, tandoori ovens, and clay ovens.
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  • Get unbeatable prices on trusted, popular brands.
  • Benefit from our 6 warehouses for quick and convenient shipping.
  • Enjoy next-day delivery on Tandoor, Tandoor Oven, and Tandoor Oven.
  • Count on us for a consistent supply of Tandoor Ovens at discounted rates.
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