CH06 – Punjabi Tandoor for sale

Punjabi Tandoor for sale or Natural gas tandoor oven provides an appealing 17′ Mouth Opening Kitchen Tandoor Oven, a genuine powerhouse constructed for bettering your meals at your Indian dining establishments. It was carefully fabricated from food-safe stainless steel and constructed in accordance with NSF/ANSI standards. Your appealing creations will be given enough space thanks to its enormous 36x36x37″ (WxDxH) dimensions.

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In order to improve the experience of eating at your Indian dining, Punjabi Tandoor for Sale provides a jaw-drop 17″ Mouth Opening Restaurant Tandoor Oven. It was expertly made from food-grade stainless steel and built by NSF/ANSI standards. Your delicious masterpieces will benefit from plenty of room courtesy of its huge 36x36x37″ (WxDxH) dimensions.

Specification Sheet of Punjabi Tandoor for sale: CH06

Our industrial tandoor oven gives plenty of space to make mouthwatering foods with its roomy dimensions spanning 36x36x37″ (WxDxH). Because of its amazing capacity, you can easily bake up to 20 Naan bread or 14 skewers at once, resulting in efficient cooking and time-saving benefits. Powered by a strong 100,000 BTU.

Product Video of CH06 – Punjabi Tandoor for sale:-

We provide a variety of necessary accessories that come with the Natural gas tandoor oven to help you cook even better. These come with

– 10 Stainless Steel Skewers
– 2 Gaddis
– 2 Naan bread rods
– 1 Metal Plate
1 Side Arm

giving you everything you need to make your special meals quickly and easily.

A catalyst for the kitchen of your restaurant is buying our premium Punjabi Tandoor oven. Improve your food options, wow your patrons, and provide exceptional dining occasions. Don’t pass up this chance to transform your Indian cooking by getting our industrial tandoor oven right away.

Technical Specification for CH06 – Punjabi Tandoor for sale
Quantity 1
Weight 750 lb
Length 36 inches
Width 36 inches
Height 37 inches
Belly Size of Clay Pot 30 inches
Mouth Opening Diameter 17 inches
Capacity 20 Naan
Casters With Casters
Features NSF Certified
Installation Type Portable
Interior Material Clay
Material Stainless Steel
Skewers per bake 14 Skewers
Power Type Natural Gas
Total BTU 100,000 BTU
Weight 750 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 37 in
What is the capacity of the Punjabi Tandoor for sale?

It can accommodate up to 20 Naan bread or 14 skewers at once.

What is the power source for the Punjabi Tandoor oven?

It runs on natural gas with a total BTU of 100,000.

Is the Punjabi Tandoor oven NSF certified?

Yes, it is constructed in accordance with NSF/ANSI standards.

What are the dimensions of the Punjabi Tandoor oven?

It measures 36x36x37" (WxDxH), providing ample cooking space.

Is the Punjabi Tandoor oven portable?

Yes, it is designed for easy installation and portability.

What accessories are included with the tandoor oven?

It comes with 10 stainless steel skewers, 2 gaddis, 2 naan bread rods, 1 metal plate, and 1 side arm.

What material is used for the interior of the Punjabi Tandoor oven?

The interior is made of clay, ensuring authentic flavors and cooking results.

Does the Punjabi Tandoor oven have casters for mobility?

Yes, it comes with casters for convenient movement within your restaurant kitchen.

How can I purchase an extra metal plate that I want to place?

You may add an additional metal plate, which you can do at this link: https://tandoormorni.us/product/baffle-plate-tandoor/.