R32 – Clay Tandoor

With our Clay Tandoor for sale in the USA, you may taste the genuine tastes of traditional tandoori cuisine! With its generous 12-inch wide mouth opening and 20x20x32-inch size, this professionally made tandoor is perfect for baking fluffy naan bread and grilling delectable kebabs. For large gatherings, its 15-inch belly size provides plenty of grilling space. With its wheels, move around without problem when cooking, and NSF certification, you can cook with assurance. Get free shipping to any location in the USA as well!

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Immerse yourself in the rich culinary heritage of tandoori cooking with our exceptional Clay Tandoor, now available for sale in the USA. Meticulously crafted to deliver authentic flavors, this traditional outdoor cooking equipment promises to elevate your outdoor cooking experience to new heights.

✅ For Clay Tandoor, there is Free Shipping All Over the United States.

Measuring 20 inches in diameter, 20 inches in depth, and standing tall at 32 inches, this Clay Tandoor presents a classic round design that exemplifies its time-honored tradition. Its belly size of 15 inches offers an ample cooking area, perfect for accommodating large family gatherings or entertaining friends at BBQ parties.

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The tandoor’s standout feature is its generous 12-inch wide mouth opening, ensuring easy placement and retrieval of food items during the cooking process. Whether you’re grilling succulent kebabs or baking fluffy naan bread, this spacious opening allows you to effortlessly cook a variety of dishes.

One of the most convenient aspects of this Clay Tandoor is its wheel feature, which allows effortless mobility, making it a breeze to place it wherever you desire in your outdoor space. Additionally, it comes to NSF certification, assuring you of its compliance with stringent quality and safety standards, providing peace of mind while cooking.

Clay Tandoor Configuration and Accessories:-
Dimension 20x20x32 inches
Shipping Free
Wheels Yes
Stainless Steel 10
Naan Rod Yes – 1 Pair
Belly Diameter 15 inches
Mouth Opening 12 inches
Naan Gaddi 1
Lid Yes
Tandoor Capacity 4 Naan per bake / 5 Skewers per bake
Shape Round
Fuel Charcoal / Wood

To top it all off, we are delighted to offer free shipping across the USA for this remarkable Clay Tandoor, making it easily accessible to all Tandoori cooking enthusiasts nationwide.

Embrace the time-honored tradition of tandoori cooking and add a touch of authentic flavor to your outdoor events and gatherings with our premium Clay Tandoor. Elevate your culinary prowess, create unforgettable meals, and leave a lasting impression on your guests with this exceptional outdoor cooking companion.

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 32 in
What is the size of the Clay Tandoor?

The Clay Tandoor measures 20 inches in diameter, 20 inches in depth, and stands tall at 32 inches.

Does the Clay Tandoor come with free shipping within the USA?

Yes, there is Free Shipping All Over the United States for the Clay Tandoor.

How many Naan can the Tandoor bake at once?

The Tandoor has a capacity to bake 4 Naan per bake.

What type of fuel does the Clay Tandoor use?

The Clay Tandoor uses Charcoal or Wood as its fuel.

Does the Tandoor come with wheels for easy mobility?

Yes, the Clay Tandoor features wheels for effortless mobility, allowing you to place it wherever you desire in your outdoor space.

Is the Clay Tandoor certified by NSF for quality and safety?

Yes, the Clay Tandoor comes with NSF certification, ensuring compliance with stringent quality and safety standards.

What is the diameter of the mouth opening?

The Tandoor's mouth opening is 12 inches wide, providing easy placement and retrieval of food items during the cooking process.

How many skewers can the Tandoor accommodate per bake?

The Tandoor can accommodate up to 5 skewers per bake.

3 reviews for R32 – Clay Tandoor

  1. Emily Nguyen

    I couldn’t be happier with my Clay Tandoor purchase! It’s a stunning addition to my backyard, and the 12-inch mouth opening is super convenient for cooking a variety of dishes. The naan rod and gaddi provided are thoughtful accessories, making the entire cooking process smooth and enjoyable. Plus, the free shipping made it even better. I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality and highly recommend it to all food enthusiasts!

  2. Michael Ramirez

    The Clay Tandoor exceeded all my expectations! The craftsmanship is exceptional, and the round design adds a touch of tradition to my outdoor cooking space. I’ve been able to cook the most mouthwatering kebabs and fluffy naan bread effortlessly. The NSF certification gives me peace of mind, knowing it meets safety standards. If you love outdoor cooking, this tandoor is a must-have!

  3. Sarah Johnson

    I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase of the Clay Tandoor! The authentic flavors it delivers are unmatched, and the spacious cooking area makes it perfect for hosting BBQ parties. The mobility feature is a game-changer, allowing me to move it around my backyard with ease. The free shipping was an added bonus. Highly recommended for anyone passionate about tandoori cooking!

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