T04 – Clay Tandoor oven

Introducing the Gas Clay Oven, the ultimate commercial operations mobile tandoor. With its 17″ mouth opening, efficient insulation, and impressive 100,000 BTU heating capacity, you can enjoy authentic Indian clay oven cooking. This versatile CSA and NSF-registered tandoor is a perfect supplement to elevate your meal preparation inventions.

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Introducing our fantastic Clay Tandoor oven or Mud Tandoor for sale, a transportable Gas Clay Oven that is CSA and NSF-endorsed and serves as an excellent option for every single one of your commercial cooking demands. This tandoor provides the best heating results with a big mouth diameter of seventeen inches, a stainless steel body, and efficient insulation.

Experience the 23 jet burner’s effectiveness, resulting in an extraordinary 100,000 BTU of heating capacity. The tandoor’s 34x34x37″ (WxDxH) measurements provide it abundance of cooking room, while its 650 lb. robust build ensures its durability.

Specification Sheet of Clay Tandoor oven: T04

This tandoor was engineered with ease in mind, so it has 2 x front castors with brakes and 4 x robust wheels for improved mobility and safety. It is portable so that you can satisfy your dietary necessities.

Product Video of T04 – Clay Tandoor oven or Mud Tandoor for sale:-

This adaptable tandoor can be configured to be operated with either natural gas or propane & has been approved for both. It has a gas line with a thermocouple and a pilot put in place, ensuring effective and precise cooking.

Included Accessories for T04 – Clay Tandoor oven
Accessories Name QTY
Stainless steel skewers 10
Naan bread rods 2
Gaddi 2
Gas Line Side Arm 1
Metal Plate 1
Clay Balls 1 Bag
Instruction Manual 1
Temperature Meter 1

This tandoor ensures the typical aromatics and smells of Indian food since it is made with genuine Indian clay that is encased in double stainless steel. Its construction complies with all legal criteria and is in fulfillment of CSA STD 1.8, ANSI STD Z83.11, and NSF-ANSI STD 4.

Technical Specification for T04 – Clay Tandoor oven
Tandoor Quantity 1/Unit
Weight 650 lb
Length 34 inches
Width 34 inches
Height 37 inches
Inner Diameter of Clay Pot 29 inches
Mouth Opening Diameter 17 inches
Capacity 18 Naan
Casters With Casters
Features CSA & NSF Certified
Installation Type Mobile
Interior Material Clay
Material Stainless Steel
Skewers per bake 12 Skewers
Power Type Natural Gas or Propane
Total BTU 100,000 BTU
End Gas Connection 3/4 inches
Thermocouple, Safety Valve, and Regulator Yes
Insulated Yes
Model T04 – Clay Tandoor Oven: 5-Star Customer Rating

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Weight 650 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 34 × 37 in
Can the T04 Clay Tandoor oven be used for commercial cooking?

Yes, the T04 Clay Tandoor oven is designed specifically for commercial cooking operations.

What is the heating capacity of the T04 Clay Tandoor oven?

The T04 Clay Tandoor oven boasts an impressive heating capacity of 100,000 BTU.

Is the T04 Clay Tandoor oven CSA and NSF registered?

Absolutely! The T04 Clay Tandoor oven is both CSA and NSF registered, ensuring its compliance with industry standards.

What is the size of the mouth opening of the T04 Clay Tandoor oven?

The T04 Clay Tandoor oven features a generous 17" mouth opening, providing ample space for cooking.

How much does the T04 Clay Tandoor oven weigh?

The T04 Clay Tandoor oven has a weight of 650 lb, making it a sturdy and durable option.

Can the T04 Clay Tandoor oven be operated with natural gas and propane?

Yes, the T04 Clay Tandoor oven is designed to be operated with both natural gas and propane for flexible usage.

Does the T04 Clay Tandoor oven come with accessories?

Certainly! The T04 Clay Tandoor oven comes with a range of accessories, including stainless steel skewers, Naan bread rods, and more.

Is the T04 Clay Tandoor oven made with genuine Indian clay and stainless steel construction?

Absolutely, the T04 Clay Tandoor oven is constructed with genuine Indian clay encased in double stainless steel, meeting legal criteria and ensuring authenticity in Indian food preparation.