A01 – Catering Tandoor

Our Commercial Catering Tandoor with a 15.5′ Mouth Opening is a stainless steel work of art that cooks delicious food in a compact 32x32x37″ form.

So if you are looking for a Portable Tandoor for your catering business needs then Catering Tandoor – A01 Catering Tandoor is the right choice for you.

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Catering Tandoor offers a remarkable 15.5″ Mouth; Tandoor specializes in providing commercial tandoor services tailored for Indo-American weddings and Asian catering events. The tandoor oven is a true commercial catering tandoor, designed to radiate durability and perfection for your catering event. Crafted with precision using premium stainless steel and adhering to CSA standards for safety and quality, this oven’s spacious dimensions, measuring 32x32x37″ (WxDxH), make it the perfect choice for handling a large number of people at your food catering event.

One of the remarkable features of this commercial catering clay tandoor oven tailored for catering events is its capacity for quick and efficient cooking. Equipped with a potent 100,000 BTU gas hob, it ensures that your dishes are prepared promptly without sacrificing taste or quality. This high heat output is especially advantageous for delivering the authentic and distinct smoky flavor typical of Indian tandoor-cooked bread, meats, and vegetables at your catering function.

Catering business owners will find that selecting the Commercial Catering A01 Tandoor allows them to immerse their customers in the genuine flavors of India, thereby providing a truly authentic dining experience. This commercial tandoor oven is a versatile and reliable addition to any professional kitchen, simplifying the process of creating mouthwatering dishes that customers anticipate and love.

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Commercial Catering Tandoor Accessories included:
– (10) Tandoor Skewers
– (2) Tandoor Naan Gaddi
– (2) Catering Naan Bread Rod
– (1) Catering Metal Plate
(1) Metal Pipe for Tandoor
– (1) Instruction Manual

Catering Tandoor | A01 – Commercial  Catering Tandoor
Quantity 1
Weight 575 lb
Length 32 inches
Width 32 inches
Height 37 inches
Belly Size of Catering Tandoor Clay Pot 23 ± 1 inches
Mouth Opening Diameter 15.5 ± 1 inches
Capacity 12 Naan Bread
Casters With Rubber Casters
Features CSA 
Installation Type Portable Tandoor
Interior Material Clay Oven
Material  Royal Copper Finish
Number of Tandoor Skewers 10 Skewers
Power Type Propane Gas Tandoor
Total BTU 100,000 BTU
Weight 575 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 37 in
What is the Catering Tandoor, and who is it designed for?

The A01 Catering Tandoor is a commercial clay tandoor designed for catering events, especially tailored for Indo-American weddings and Asian catering.

What are the dimensions of the Catering Tandoor?

The tandoor measures 32x32x37 inches (WxDxH) with a 15.5-inch mouth, making it suitable for handling large groups.

What is the material used in crafting this Catering Tandoor?

The tandoor is crafted with premium stainless steel, ensuring durability and quality.

What makes the Catering Tandoor suitable for quick and efficient cooking?

Equipped with a powerful 100,000 BTU gas hob, it ensures rapid cooking without compromising on taste and quality.

What are the advantages of using a Catering Tandoor for catering events?

Tandoors are known for imparting an authentic and distinct smoky flavor to Indian bread, meats, and vegetables, enhancing the overall dining experience.

How many Naan bread can the Catering Tandoor accommodate at once?

The tandoor has the capacity to cook 12 Naan bread simultaneously, making it ideal for serving large groups.

Are there any accessories included with the Catering Tandoor?

Yes, the tandoor comes with accessories such as tandoor skewers, Naan Gaddi, Naan Bread Rod, metal plate, metal pipe, and an instruction manual.

Is the Catering Tandoor easy to move or transport for catering events?

Yes, it features rubber casters, making it a portable tandoor suitable for various catering locations.

What type of gas is required for the Catering Tandoor?

The tandoor is powered by propane gas, which is widely used in commercial catering setups.

Is the Catering Tandoor compliant with safety and quality standards?

Yes, it adheres to CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standards, ensuring both safety and quality in its design and construction.