T02 – Gas Tandoor for Sale

Introducing the CSA and NSF-approved TO2 Propane / Natural Gas Tandoor, a 100,000 BTU powerhouse. It provides easy movement for the American marketplace with dimensions that are 32x32x37″ and a 17″ Mouth Opening.

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Buying a TO2 Gas Tandoor for sale or T02 Natural Gas Tandoor for Sale The ideal addition to improving your cooking experience in the USA market is the Tandoor which runs on propane or natural gas. A dependable and pleasurable cooking experience is guaranteed by the high quality and safety requirements of this CSA and NSF-certified tandoor.

📔 Specification Sheet of Gas Tandoor for Sale: T02

This tandoor produces speedy and effective cooking results because of its potent 23-tip Jet Burner and remarkable 100,000 BTU capacity (equal to one hundred thousand heating capacity). With the TO2 Tandoor, you can easily prepare your favorite Indian foods while giving them deliciously genuine flavors and smokey fragrances.

This tandoor was built with practicality in mind and has four wheels and two casters at the front for simple positioning in your kitchen or outdoor cooking area. Now you may move the tandoor with ease to improve your cooking space.

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The TO2 Propane or Natural Gas Tandoor is designed to resist the rigors of professional use since it is long-lasting and durable. It is a dependable and durable cooking partner that will last for years in your restaurant or home kitchen.

Included Accessories for T02 – Gas Tandoor for Sale
Accessories Name QTY
Stainless steel skewers 10
Naan bread rods 2
Gaddi 2
Gas Line Side Arm 1
Metal Plate 1
Clay Balls 1 Bag
Instruction Manual 1
Temperature Meter 1

Improve your culinary skills with this superb tandoor. It delivers a distinctive and fascinating meal that is flawless for American marketplaces, dazzling your consumers and satisfying your visitors. Utilize the TO2 Propane or natural gas-powered Tandoor to enjoy the complex spices and fragrances of Indian food. Invest in this adaptable cooking tool right now to open up a world of food industry opportunities.

Technical Specification for T02 – Gas Tandoor for Sale or Spec Sheet
Tandoor Quantity 1/Unit
Weight 550 lb
Length 32 inches
Width 32 inches
Height 37 inches
Belly Size of Clay Pot 27 inches
Mouth Opening Diameter 17 inches
Capacity 16 Naan
Casters With Front Casters
Features CSA & NSF Certified
Installation Type Portable
Interior Material Clay Pot
Material Stainless Steel
Skewers per bake 10 Skewers
Power Type Natural Gas or Propane
Total BTU 100,000 BTU
End Gas Connection 3/4 inches
Thermocouple, Safety Valve, and Regulator Yes
Insulated Yes
From Charcoal Heritage to Gas: Model T02 – Gas Tandoor

In the early 1990s, the Model T02 was introduced as a charcoal-operated marvel, promising culinary excellence. By the mid-1990s, obtaining CSA and NSF certifications transformed it into the highly sought-after T02-Gas Tandoor. This evolution catapulted its popularity across regions, captivating the culinary imaginations of Chicago, Albany, and Annapolis. From Providence to Utah, Maryland, Austin, Atlanta, and the flavors of Arizona and Dallas, this Tandoor found its way into kitchens across New York, Mississippi, Lincoln, and Alaska. It graced the culinary landscapes of Manchester, Salem, Juneau, and Buffalo, reaching the heart of Fargo, Kentucky, and Nashville. Embracing Idaho and Kansas, it brought its charm to Denver and Hawaii and left its mark on Boston, Maine, and Iowa. From Fremont’s allure to the vibrant lights of Las Vegas, Wichita’s warmth, and the culinary essence of Portland, Omaha, and Carson City, the Model T02 – Gas Tandoor stands as a testament to innovation and culinary prowess, offering its brilliance for sale in these regions.

Weight 550 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 37 in
Can the T02 Gas Tandoor for sale be used with both propane and natural gas?

Yes, it is designed to run on both propane and natural gas.

How many skewers are included with the T02 Gas Tandoor for sale?

It comes with 10 stainless steel skewers.

What is the weight of the T02 Gas Tandoor for sale?

The tandoor weighs 550 lb.

Does the T02 Gas Tandoor for sale come with a temperature meter?

Yes, it includes a temperature meter.

Is the T02 Gas Tandoor for sale suitable for professional use?

Yes, it is designed to withstand the rigors of professional use.

What is the capacity of the T02 Gas Tandoor for sale in terms of naan bread?

It can accommodate up to 16 naan bread.

Does the T02 Gas Tandoor for sale have wheels for easy mobility?

Yes, it has four wheels and two casters for easy positioning.

Is the T02 Gas Tandoor for sale insulated for improved efficiency?

Yes, it is insulated for better heat retention and efficiency.