The renowned Shaan-e-Tandoor, esteemed in both the USA and Canada, has now become available for sale in the UK. This highly sought-after tandoor boasts a length of 32 inches and presents a range of options, with widths available in 32, 34, and 36 inches, accommodating a variety of culinary needs and preferences.

Those parts are commonly sought after for the Shaan-e-Tandoor:

  • Metal Plate: A vital component ensuring even heat distribution within the tandoor.
  • Thermocouple: A precision instrument used for accurate temperature monitoring and control.
  • Gas Hose: Essential for safe and proper gas connection to the tandoor.
  • Clay Balls: Traditional elements utilized for imparting authentic flavors to the dishes cooked in the tandoor.
  • Metal Lid: A durable lid that helps contain and seal the heat within the tandoor.
  • Gas Tandoor Safety Valve: Ensures safety and regulates gas flow for the Shaan Tandoor Clay Oven.
  • Tandoor Pilot Assembly Kit: Facilitates Tandoori Burner ignition, ensuring consistent performance.

What purposes does the Gas Shaan-e-Tandoor serve?

The Shaan-e-Tandoor is crafted for versatile cooking, enabling baking, grilling, roasting, and barbecuing a diverse array of dishes. Additionally, the Shaan-e-Tandoor holds an NSF Std Certification.

What is the difference between tandoori and tandoor?

The difference between “tandoori” and “tandoor” lies in their respective meanings and usage:

  • Tandoor

    Refers to the oven itself, typically made of clay or metal, used for cooking. It’s a cylindrical-shaped oven designed to generate high heat for cooking various dishes.

  • Tandoori

    Relates to the cooking style or dishes cooked in a tandoor. It refers to food items, often marinated and cooked in the tandoor, known for their characteristic smoky flavor and tenderness.

  • The Shaan-e-tandoor from Morni Tandoor is certified to NSF standards. For commercial use, it’s essential for tandoors to have NSF certification; you can find more information on Wikipedia.

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The Shaan Tandoor model, offered by the Morni Tandoor brand, is available in various sizes and dimensions. Among them, the 32x32 Square Tandoor stands out as a popular choice.
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