Tandoor oven for sale in Utah

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The Commercial Tandoor features a standard size of 32×32 inches and includes essential accessories such as gaddi, skewers, scraper, and hook.

32x32 Tandoor Oven - Fast Delivery

The versatility of our Tandoor ovens with different sizes to meet your culinary needs. Choose from the standard 32×32, medium-sized 34×34, or the large 36×36 Commercial Tandoor. Enjoy fast and reliable delivery across the USA, ensuring you get your Tandoor oven promptly for an unmatched cooking experience.

NSF certified commercial restaurant tandoor

Your restaurant’s culinary capabilities with our NSF-certified commercial restaurant Tandoor. Crafted with precision and quality, our Tandoors meet the highest industry standards. Unlock a world of authentic flavors and superior performance in your kitchen. Trust in the certification that ensures your Tandoor meets the rigorous requirements for commercial use.

Top-notch Tandoor Oven with Double Burner - Superior Choice

Indulge in culinary excellence with our top-notch Tandoor Oven featuring a double burner, making it the superior choice for your cooking needs. Experience enhanced efficiency and versatility as the double burner ensures even heat distribution, resulting in perfectly cooked dishes. Elevate your cooking experience with this Tandoor Oven, offering unparalleled performance and the capability to handle various culinary creations. Trust in the quality and reliability of our Tandoor to bring the authentic flavors of traditional cooking to your kitchen.

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Tandoori oven, Tandoor Oven, and Tandoor from Utah come with NSF Certification. NSF Certification is mandatory for sale in the USA. Check Wikipedia for more information.