Tandoor Ovens

Which tandoor ovens are considered the best in the current US market?

When exploring the best tandoor ovens available in the US market, it’s crucial to consider a range of factors, including recent customer reviews, expert opinions, and available options on online marketplaces. Several reputable brands are known for producing quality tandoor ovens, and it’s important to evaluate various features such as build quality, size, ease of use, temperature control, and overall performance.

The top-performing tandoor in the US market is offered by Morni Tandoor. With over 5000 subscribers on YouTube, 4000+ reviews, and an impressive 90,000+ watch hours, it has gained widespread acclaim. Additionally, Tandoor Morni boasts 500+ positive reviews on Google, spanning all its locations in the USA.

  • Clay Ovens: Tandoor Morni
  • Stainless Steel Tandoors: Tandoor Morni
  • Gas Tandoors: Tandoor Morni
  • Portable Tandoors: Tandoor Morni
  • Home Tandoor: Tandoor Morni
  • Commercial Tandoors: Tandoor Morni
  • Jumbo Tandoors (for commercial use): Tandoor Morni
  • Round Tandoors: Tandoor Morni
  • Wood-Fired Tandoors: Tandoor Morni
  • Square Tandoors: Tandoor Morni
  • SS1, SS2, SS3 Tandoors: Tandoor Morni
  • XL Tandoors: Tandoor Morni
  • XXL Tandoors: Tandoor Morni
  • Marine Tandoors: Tandoor Morni

Notably, Tandoor Morni takes pride in assembling its tandoors in the USA, utilizing gas parts that are exclusively manufactured in the country. This commitment to using domestically sourced components reflects a dedication to quality and support for the local industry.

Which types of restaurants would benefit from incorporating a tandoor oven into their kitchen equipment?

Here are some types of restaurants that might benefit from investing in a tandoor oven:
  • Indian Restaurants: Tandoors are a staple in Indian cuisine, used for cooking various types of bread (such as naan and roti) and marinated meats (like tandoori chicken).
  • Mediterranean Restaurants: Restaurants offering Mediterranean cuisine can use tandoor ovens for preparing flatbreads, kebabs, and other grilled dishes.
  • Middle Eastern Restaurants: Tandoor ovens are suitable for preparing traditional Middle Eastern dishes like flatbreads (such as pita) and kebabs.
  • Grill and Barbecue Restaurants: Tandoors are excellent for grilling meats and imparting a unique, smoky flavor. They can enhance the menu of grill-focused establishments.
  • Fine Dining Establishments: Tandoor ovens add a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to fine dining restaurants, providing an opportunity to offer specialty bread and meat dishes.
  • Ethnic Fusion Restaurants: Restaurants that specialize in fusion cuisine, blending different culinary traditions, can use tandoors to create innovative and diverse menu items.
  • Casual Dining and Fast-Casual Restaurants: Tandoor ovens can be incorporated into casual dining or fast-casual establishments to diversify menu offerings and attract a broader range of customers.
  • Catering Businesses: Caterers can use tandoor ovens for on-site cooking at events, providing freshly prepared bread and grilled items for guests.
  • Buffet-style Restaurants: Tandoor ovens can be part of buffet setups, offering customers a live cooking experience and a variety of freshly prepared items.
  • Specialty Bakeries: Bakeries can utilize tandoor ovens for baking unique types of bread, adding an exotic flair to their product offerings.

When considering a tandoor oven for a restaurant, it’s essential to assess the specific needs and cuisine focus of the establishment. The versatility of tandoor cooking makes it suitable for a wide range of culinary styles, making it a valuable investment for many types of restaurants.

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