The image shows a chef preparing tandoori chicken in Restaurant & home tandoor and two tandoors are R26 Home Tandoor and CH02 Tandoor Oven for Sale in USA.

Ever indulged in the perfection of tandoori chicken or enjoyed the tantalizing crispness of freshly baked naan bread, curious about the secret behind these culinary delights? Enter the realm of the mighty Restaurant & Home Tandoor! Explore these clay and stainless steel cooking wonders, frequently seen in restaurants and households alike. As you uncover more about them, you might consider one for your porch or professional kitchen!

Tandoor Oven for Sale in USA, fundamental cooking apparatuses crafted from a blend of clay and stainless steel, take on a drum-like appearance. With the ability to reach searing temperatures of 480°C (900°F), they harness wood, charcoal, or gas as fuel sources. From paneer tikka to naan bread and tandoori chicken, these ovens cater to an extensive array of delectable dishes.

Commercially available portable clay ovens are specifically designed for outdoor events and restaurant use, boasting ample capacity. One standout option in the market is the CH02 – Tandoor Oven for Sale in the USA, ready for purchase at your convenience.

Tandoor Morni is more than simply an oven store; we help you choose the right option for your requirements and tastes. The benefits and drawbacks of both home and restaurant tandoors are broken out here:

  • Ensures exquisite dishes every time with an efficient 100,000 BTU.
  • Holds CSA and NSF certifications, prioritizing safety for all.
  • Needs a large amount of space to be placed because of its size.
  • Small enough to fit in most areas and perfect for backyard gatherings.
  • Made with robust stainless steel on the outside and genuine Indian clay within, this piece is sure to last a long time and look amazing.
  • Not for commercial use.