Commercial tandoor oven in a bustling restaurant kitchen

Transport yourself to the vibrant streets of the subcontinent, where the tantalizing scents of tandoori chicken and freshly baked naan permeate the air. For generations, the beating heart of Indian cuisine has been the tandoor oven—a culinary cornerstone crafting flavorful dishes infused with warm spices, fragrant herbs, and a signature smoky essence. Explore this tradition further with a commercial tandoor oven, elevating your culinary journey..

Whether you’re a passionate home cook or a restaurant owner, the right investment in a high-quality commercial tandoor oven can transform your culinary prowess! Yet, with an abundance of options available, discovering the ideal tandoor for your kitchen might seem challenging. Where should you look to find that perfect commercial tandoor oven?

Commercial tandoor oven in a bustling restaurant kitchen

Commercial tandoor oven for restaurant owners

For restaurant owners, quality kitchen equipment is indispensable for success. In any reputable Indian or Pakistani restaurant, a commercial tandoor oven is a non-negotiable necessity. However, pinpointing the perfect type can present a considerable challenge

Look no further—Tandoor Morni is your answer! We provide CSA and NSF certified commercial tandoor oven, guaranteeing the utmost quality. Our tandoors boast a remarkable 100,000 BTU thermal capacity, catering perfectly to high-volume cooking needs. Crafted meticulously with genuine Indian clay and double stainless steel casing, these commercial tandoor ovens ensure even cooking and an authentic flavor profile. Ranging from 175 to 600 lbs, our tandoors are purpose-built to meet the rigorous demands of a bustling restaurant kitchen.

Commercial tandoor oven for home cook

Even for home cooks, a clay oven or tandoor can be an incredible kitchen asset! At Tandoor Morni, we present compact and smaller tandoor tailored perfectly for domestic use. Crafted with genuine Indian clay and stainless steel casing, our domestic tandoor promises durability and exceptional functionality.

With a weight range of 90-175 lbs, these tandoors are designed to effortlessly fit into most kitchen spaces. Not only are they user-friendly, but they’re also easy to maintain, catering to novice chefs eager to explore the world of Indian cuisine.

Please note that while we specialize in commercial tandoor ovens, we also offer smaller versions perfect for home cooking enthusiasts.

If you’re in search of a top-notch tandoor for your kitchen, look no further! Our tandoors are engineered for durability, offering a diverse range that perfectly aligns with your needs and preferences.

Moreover, dive into our website to discover an array of tandoor accessories, from skewers to bread paddles, arming you with everything you need to prepare a multitude of dishes.

Don’t hesitate! Elevate your Indian cuisine by investing in a tandoor today and unlock a new level of culinary excellence!

A stainless steel commercial tandoor oven with an open door, showcasing its spacious cooking area and craftsmanship.

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