Clay Tandoor For Home

Where can I find a clay tandoor designed for home use, and what are its features?

You can discover clay tandoors designed for home use on the Tandoor Morni website, where a variety of options are available to cater to your cooking preferences. Tandoor Morni’s online platform provides a convenient way to explore and purchase these home tandoors, ensuring authenticity and quality. Additionally, Tandoor Morni has physical stores across the USA, offering customers the opportunity to experience the products in person and receive expert guidance on choosing the ideal clay tandoor for their home cooking needs.

Is it possible to fire clay in a tandoori oven rather than a kiln? I'm interested in crafting a chai cup using a clay tandoor designed for home use.

Clay Tandoor For Home
  • Firing Clay in Tandoori Oven:
    • Not recommended for traditional ceramic pottery.
    • Tandoori ovens are designed for cooking and may not provide the controlled and even heating required for proper ceramic firing.
  • Using Clay Tandoor for Culinary Items:
    • Experiment with crafting chai cups specifically designed for culinary purposes.
    • Keep in mind that the firing process may differ from traditional ceramic methods.
    • The resulting items may be more suitable for serving food rather than traditional pottery.
  • Clay tandoors designed for home use hold NSF certification, ensuring compliance with established standards.
Tandoor Morni offers a diverse selection of tandoors, including square, round, and rectangle designs. These tandoors are available in various sizes such as 32x32, 34x34, and 36x36, each boasting a height of 37 inches.
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