Georgian Tone Torne

The Georgian tonir, known as Tone Torne, situated in Georgia, in the Caucasus region of Western Asia, marks the terminus of the historic Silk Road and shares borders with Turkey, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the Black Sea.

Despite enduring various invasions by Turkic, Mongol, and Arab forces over time, the Georgian people have admirably preserved their distinctive culture and language.

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A vibrant image showcasing the intricate interplay of hues and textures, reminiscent of the rich cultural tapestry of Georgia.
An illustrated map of the country of Georgia in Eastern Europe, displaying its cities, regions, and geographical features.

Nestled adjacent to the Caucasus Mountains, they have valiantly resisted numerous invaders. The language spoken in Georgia belongs to the ancient Kartvelian group and boasts a distinct alphabet.

Within Georgian culinary tradition, the Tandoor is referred to as the Tone or Torne oven, primarily used for baking the ancient irregular-shaped bread called Shotis Puri. Additionally, popular bread varieties include Kakhuri Tonis Puri and Khachapuri, a delectable cheese-based bread.

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