Palestine Taboon Tanoor

For over 4,000 years, Palestinians have relied on their own version of the Tandoor called the Taboon or Tabun oven, crafted from unbaked clay and resembling the Palestinian Taboon. Its primary function is to bake the revered Levantine flatbread known as Taboon bread, a culinary cornerstone in Palestinian cuisine.

Interestingly, while the Taboon oven is predominantly used, Palestinians also employ the Tandoor or Tanoor to prepare this cherished bread. Taboon bread holds a pivotal role in Musakhan, hailed as Palestine’s national dish, and you can explore a recipe for crafting this flavorful dish using the Morni Tandoor.

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Beyond the production of Taboon bread and Musakhan, the Taboon oven sees diverse culinary applications. It serves as the cooking vessel for Zarb Chicken, following a traditional Palestinian recipe. Integral to communal life, the Taboon oven isn’t just a fixture but a vital element in nearly every Palestinian neighborhood or village. Saida, among other areas, proudly showcases the baking of Palestinian Taboon bread within the Taboon oven, a sight indicative of cultural heritage and culinary tradition.

With a Morni Tandoor oven, the versatility of the Taboon bread’s preparation shines through. Not limited to one method, this oven allows the baking of Taboon bread on its walls alongside other esteemed dishes from Palestinian cuisine. The communal significance of the Taboon oven and the cultural richness it encapsulates persist, serving as a testament to the deep-rooted culinary heritage cherished by Palestinians for millennia.

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