CH02 – Tandoor Oven for Sale in North Charleston

Our Commercial Tandoor Oven with a 17′ Mouth Opening is a stainless steel work of art that cooks delicious food in a compact 32x32x37″ form. It is a tandoor oven for sale in the North Charleston that has the strength of authentic Indian food

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Tandoor Oven for Sale in North Charleston offers a stunning 17″ Mouth Opening Commercial Tandoor Oven, a real powerhouse created to improve the culinary experience at your Indian restaurant. This oven oozes longevity and perfection since it is expertly crafted from premium stainless steel and constructed by NSF/ANSI standards. Its spacious 32x32x37″ (WxDxH) dimensions provide enough room for your tasty creations.

Tandoor oven CH02 for sale in the North Charleston isalready assembled and ready to use.

Specification Sheet of Tandoor Oven for Sale in North Charleston: CH02

This commercial tandoor oven ensures quick and efficient cooking, ensuring that your meals are served on time without sacrificing taste or quality. It is powered by a powerful 100,000 BTU gas hob. As this oven skillfully imparts that distinctive smoky character to your bread, meats, and veggies, you can immerse your customers in the genuine flavors of India.

Product Video of CH02 – Tandoor Oven for Sale in North Charleston:-

Accessories included:
– (10) Skewers made of stainless steel
– (2) Gaddi
– (2) Naan bread rods
– (1) Metal plate
(1) Side Arm

CH02 – Tandoor Oven Technical Specification for Sale in the North Charleston
Quantity 1
Weight 550 lb
Length 32 inches
Width 32 inches
Height 37 inches
Belly Size of Clay Pot 27 inches
Mouth Opening Diameter 17 inches
Capacity 16 Naan
Casters With Casters
Features NSF Listed
Installation Type Mobile
Interior Material Clay
Material Stainless Steel
Number of Skewers 10 Skewers
Power Type Natural Gas or Propane
Total BTU 100,000 BTU

The CH02 Tandoor from Tandoor Morni stands out as the top choice for commercial restaurant tandoor ovens in North Charleston. Renowned as a gas tandoor, the CH02 is highly sought-after in North Charleston. It’s often referred to as “tandir” or “tandor” by locals.

Weight 550 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 37 in
What type of metal is utilised in the CH02 Tandoor Oven ?

The CH02 Tandoor Oven for Sale is made of Food Grade Stainless Steel.

Is the Tandoor Oven CH02 already assembled and ready to use?

Yes, the Tandoor Oven CH02 for sale in the North Charleston is completely assembled and ready for immediate use.

What are the dimensions of the oven?

The oven has spacious dimensions of 32x32x37" (WxDxH), providing ample room for your culinary creations.

What is the capacity of the oven?

The oven can accommodate up to 16 Naan breads or 12 Skewers.

What accessories are included with the oven?

The oven comes with (10) stainless steel skewers, (2) Gaddi, (2) Naan bread rods and (1) Metal Plate.

What is the power source for the oven?

The oven is powered by a powerful 100,000 BTU and operates on natural gas.

Is the oven certified to NSF Standards?

Yes, the oven is certified to NSF Standards , ensuring its compliance with safety and sanitation standards.

Can the oven be easily moved around?

Yes, the oven comes with 4 strong 5 inch wheels and 2 front wheel have casters and can be easily moved around.

What materials are used in the construction of the oven?

The oven is expertly crafted with food grade stainless steel and features an interior clay pot.

What is the mouth opening diameter?

The oven boasts a stunning 17" mouth opening diameter, allowing for easy access to the cooking chamber.

Which should I buy: T02 or CH02?

This link addresses your query. https://tandoormorni.us/2023/09/13/choosing-the-right-tandoor-oven-ch02-vs-t02/