Russian Tandoor Tandyr

Exploring the culinary traditions of the Russian Federation unveils a rich tapestry of flavors deeply rooted in history and cultural fusion. At the heart of this diverse gastronomic journey lies the Russian Tandoor, known as the Tandyr. This traditional oven from Morni Tandoor, revered across many of Russia’s ancient ethnic groups, embodies a culinary heritage that transcends time and borders. It’s a vessel of culinary magic, where succulent meats and vibrant flavors mingle to create beloved dishes like the iconic Shashlik.

Russian Tandoor Shashlik, a culinary gem born from the traditions of Crimean Tartars, found its way into the bustling streets of Moscow during the 19th century, courtesy of the Cossacks. This dish, a testament to cultural exchange, consists of skewered cubes of meat—typically lamb, pork, or beef—marinated in a symphony of spices, herbs, and oils. The magic happens in the Russian Tandoor, the Tandyr, where these skewers find their home, slowly cooking to perfection.

The tantalizing aroma of Shashlik wafts through the air, drawing in curious food enthusiasts eager to experience a taste of Russia’s culinary heritage. The Tandyr’s intense heat, generated from its clay walls and fired by wood or charcoal, imparts a distinct smokiness to the meat, ensuring a succulent and tender outcome. The process encapsulates centuries of tradition and culinary expertise, transforming simple ingredients into a feast for the senses.

To recreate this culinary marvel outside of Moscow’s vibrant streets, one must capture the essence of the Tandyr’s cooking method. While the traditional ceramic vessel might not be readily available, modern adaptations using grills or ovens aim to replicate the intense heat and smoky flavors integral to the Shashlik experience. The key lies in the marinade—infusing the meat with a blend of spices, perhaps including paprika, cumin, garlic, and vinegar, to mimic the authentic flavors that define Shashlik.

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As the skewers sizzle and the aroma of spices fills the air, one can sense the essence of Russia’s cultural mosaic, where flavors and traditions intertwine. Whether relishing this dish in the heart of Moscow or recreating it in a home kitchen, Shashlik embodies not just a meal, but a story—a tale of culinary heritage and the crossroads of cultures found within the vast expanse of the Russian Federation.


The Russian Tandoor from Morni Tandoor has gained popularity among individuals of Russian descent in the USA. Tandoor Morni has successfully supplied tandoors to over 100 Russian restaurants.

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