Tandoor for sale in Illinois

Tandoor Morni conveniently operates a warehouse at 1000 Estes Ave, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, ensuring easy access to Tandoor for Illinois residents. Whether you prefer to pick up tandoor for sale in Illinois directly from the warehouse or have it delivered to your restaurant, banquet hall, or home, we offer both dockside and curbside delivery options. Enjoy fast shipping, with delivery times as quick as 1 to 3 business days, and explore our express delivery services for an even faster experience.

Tandoor for sale in Illinois - Warehouse location for Tandoor Morni in Illinois

Tandoor Morni specializes in assembling commercial restaurant-grade tandoors, including heavy-duty models, in the USA. A key location for their operations is Chicago. All the gas components are manufactured in the USA, and Tandoors from Morni Tandoor carry NSF and CSA certifications.

Tandoor for sale in Illinois - Fast delivery

Tandoor Morni ensures swift delivery of their tandoors to locations such as Chicago, Naperville, Schaumburg, Aurora, Hoffman Estates, Des Plaines, Skokie, Downers Grove, Oak Brook, and Evanston. The proximity of the Tandoor Morni warehouse, within a radius of 100-150 km, facilitates efficient and timely delivery to these areas.

Tandoor for Sale in Illinois - Why Choose Tandoor Morni?

Over 2000 restaurants throughout Illinois rely on the restaurant tandoors from Tandoor Morni. It stands as the exclusive brand in the USA featuring a burner capacity of 100,000 BTU, offering a hassle-free tandoor experience. The tandoor is equipped with four wheels and two front casters for convenient mobility. Tandoor Morni provides certified technicians on-site for seamless installation, and positive customer reviews attest to its quality.

Tandoor for Sale in Illinois - Distances to Major Cities from the Tandoor Morni Warehouse

Tandoor Morni’s location at 1000 Estes Ave, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 serves as a central hub within the state of Illinois. It provides a smooth delivery option across the entire state, and customers have the flexibility to either visit the store in Illinois or engage in a video call with us for finalizing their tandoor selection.

  • Chicago – Approximately 22 miles
  • Naperville – Approximately 32 miles
  • Schaumburg – Approximately 9 miles
  • Aurora – Approximately 35 miles
  • Hoffman Estates – Approximately 10 miles
  • Des Plaines – Approximately 7 miles
  • Skokie – Approximately 17 miles
  • Downers Grove – Approximately 27 miles
  • Oak Brook – Approximately 18 miles
  • Evanston – Approximately 23 miles