Tandoor oven for sale in Florida

Tandoor Morni has its office located at 4655 W Beach Park Dr, Tampa, FL 33609, offering a convenient hub for those seeking Tandoor oven for sale in Florida. With a substantial clientele of over 400 active restaurants and catering businesses across the state, the favored choice is the CH02 model. Noted for its powerful heating capacity, this 32×32 model, standing at 37 inches in height, proves to be ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Tandoor oven for sale in Florida - Tandoor Morni's office location in Florida.

Tandoor Morni has an office located in the state of Florida, specifically in Tampa. The Tampa office handles various back-office functions, including management, executives, infrastructure, design, and IT teams. All paperwork, such as tandoor invoices, bill of lading generation, labeling, and CRM system management, is efficiently managed by this office.

Tandoor oven for sale in Florida - Favorable customer reviews

Regular customer feedback is actively gathered and integrated into our processes. Repeat orders from satisfied customers, coupled with positive word-of-mouth endorsements, speak highly of Tandoor Morni’s tandoor ovens. The tandoors feature front casters for portability and are equipped with efficient burners for excellent fuel efficiency.

Tandoor oven for Sale in Florida - What makes Tandoor Morni the #1 tandoor manufacturer in Florida?

  • Gas parts assembled in the USA
  • Usage of American-made gas appliance parts
  • Presence of certified technicians on-site
  • Exclusive certification for a 100,000 BTU-powered tandoor
  • 30+ years of experience
  • Network of six locations across the USA
  • Prompt delivery services for tandoor products

Tandoor oven for Sale in Florida - Distances from the Tandoor Morni office to Key Cities

  • Miami: Approximately 280 miles
  • Jacksonville: Approximately 200 miles
  • Orlando: Approximately 85 miles
  • St. Petersburg: Approximately 25 miles
  • Hialeah: Approximately 270 miles
  • Tallahassee: Approximately 275 miles
  • Fort Lauderdale: Approximately 265 miles
  • Port St. Lucie: Approximately 160 miles
  • Cape Coral: Approximately 120 miles
  • Pembroke Pines: Approximately 260 miles
  • Hollywood: Approximately 255 miles
  • Miramar: Approximately 250 miles
  • Gainesville: Approximately 125 miles
  • Coral Springs: Approximately 260 miles
  • Clearwater: Approximately 25 miles
  • Palm Bay: Approximately 130 miles
  • Miami Gardens: Approximately 275 miles
  • Pompano Beach: Approximately 255 miles
  • West Palm Beach: Approximately 185 miles
  • Lakeland: Approximately 35 miles

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Tandoor Morni is NSF Certified, a requirement for commercial tandoor oven use. Explore further details on Wikipedia.

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